Cosplayer creates a spectacular Maleficent costume. His wings are huge!


The Comic Con Convention is the only one that brings together thousands of fans of video games, movies and series. It was here where the cosplay it was born and it is becoming more popular and it is that the time it takes the assistants wear costumes created by themselves, and they always manage to surpass the previous year!

This year we must recognize the creativity, work and effort of a cosplayer in particular: Drisana Litke created a spectacular costume after watching the movie Maleficent, and even had huge wings that moved.

Drisana made this costume unique

The girl went viral on the Internet after sharing on social networks a picture of her costume inspired by Maleficent, the character played by Angelina Jolie in the movie of the same name.

The wings of the disguise were movable

It took more than 150 hours to build the wings, which at first were just a wire and cloth structure; then he filled them with synthetic feathers.

He had to follow a tutorial and in the end it turned out better than he expected

Litke followed the instructions of the animatronic wings manufacturer The Crooked Feather to create his own; previously he had only put small LED lights in his suits, but this work was more complicated. Despite the setbacks he had, he managed to spread the wings like the wings of Maleficent.

It has been more than six years cosplayer

Each of his costumes has been impressive and is that he has disguised himself from Serpentor G.I. Joe and Browser of the videogame of Mario Bros.

This is how he spread his wings

A simply beautiful and unique work.

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