Cooking desserts helps to release stress and benefits health: study


Cooking is an activity that fascinates many people and, among all the possibilities, desserts are one of the favorite dishes to eat and avoid stress.

Seen as a creative expression, cooking not only represents a gratifying action dedicated to others, but it can also help us to channel emotions and connect with the present.

According to a study conducted by Donna Pincus, professor of Psychology and Brain Sciences at the University of Boston, being a way of personal expression that involves a good dose of creativity, dedicating time to cooking and, in particular to pastry, can reduce Anxiety and stress

Interviewed for HuffPost, the teacher highlighted the relationship between activities that involve creative expression -such as painting, making music and baking- with the general well-being of people.

Today, preparing food with therapeutic reasons is increasingly a viable option, due to its deep relationship with daily activities, to channel emotions and connect to the present, this by the attention that demands the accuracy in the portions to be used and the necessary precision in order to achieve the exact point of the dish. The culinary therapy helps to relax, activates the cognitive and sensory person, as well as how rewarding it is, in itself, to feed others.

The psychologist Patricia Boquete, specialized in Labor Orientation and Emotional Intelligence and promoter of Culinary Therapy, affirms that every day she cooks and looks for a recipe to adapt it to her taste and thereby generate a small delight in her day. The kitchen, he says, can become a space for reflection, connection and enjoyment that can become a space to generate communication between patients and their families.

Cooking helps people who have concentration problems, attention deficit, as well as lack of coordination; improves social skills, especially self-esteem, explains Boquete.

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