Confirmed! Totoro will have its own theme park; and we can not contain the emotion


Most girls geek will know what we're talking about when we say Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, as they have seen several anime films where the courage and strength of their protagonists lead them to explore their own fantasy world, as in the case of the film My Neighbor Totoro, where two sisters live great adventures when discovering the existence of their peculiar companion: a guardian spirit of the forest that only children of pure heart can see.

They are the protagonists of stories full of magic thanks to Gatobus, which transports them to an unknown universe and which we will all soon have access to, since the film company has just confirmed the creation of a theme park in honor of this mythical character.

The dream of all the girls geek is about to be fulfilled

If you ever dreamed of immersing yourself in the surreal worlds created by Hayao Miyazaki, today is your lucky day. The Aichi prefecture, located in the Ch? Bu region of Japan, confirmed that it will build a theme park based on Totoro, one of the best-known animated figures. In collaboration with Studio Ghibli, Ghibli Park (tentative name) will be built in the facilities that were part of the Expo 2005 Memorial Park in the city of Nagakute, Japan.

There are still several details to solve

The prefecture and the Studio Ghibli, they already analyze the details that they will include in their project, from the size and the attractions, to who will direct it and the companies that will join.

The park will be friendly to the environment

The park will count on 200 hectares, with a scale replica of the house of Mei and Satsuki. According to the plan, the yards and other parts of the park will be used to house the Ghibli Park and thus avoid cutting down trees.

It will be the most awaited inauguration

If everything goes according to plans, the opening could coincide with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and the premiere of Kemushi no Boro (La Oruga Boro), a new feature film in which the Ghibli He has worked for twenty years.

For the moment, Miyasaki fans will have time to save to enjoy this theme park.

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