Confirmed: the second pregnancy is more strenuous than the first


Being pregnant is one of the most important stages of a woman because her life is completely transformed, both emotionally and physically, in which there are hormonal changes, nausea, vomiting, among others. However, this does not mean that all pregnancies will be the same.

In the case of the second pregnancy, there are women who have no complications whatsoever with the process and it is even better than the first, but there are others who are hard when they have another child.

A study carried out by the Research Institute of Psychological Sciences of the Catholic University of Louvain, in Belgium, proves that work with children is more exhausting than work outside the home; caring for one or more children is a task that everyone sees but very few people actually exercise. When a woman has just given birth to her physical and emotional performance, she goes down in huge amounts, which leaves her indisposed to heavy tasks until her full recovery; caring for two children, one newborn and another barely two years old, is an exhausting activity that requires extra help.

While it is true that mental health in women improves after a first child, a second pregnancy increases the pressure of time and that would explain exhaustion and other subsequent symptoms, according to research published in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

The World Health Organization indicates that the adequate interval to have a second pregnancy is at least two years after giving birth, so the new baby will practically have all the attention since the firstborn will perform activities almost on their own, this facilitates the mother-child interaction and keeps the attention in the smallest.

When the second child is still in the womb, interacting with the little one who walks and runs is very complicated because pregnancy requires a lot of energy just like the child, this counteracts the performance of the mother, making it increasingly heavy play or load it

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