Confirmed! Children behave worse and are more boisterous when they are with mom: study


If you are a mom who has to work, study or just want to give you a break with friends or your partner, you have seen the need to leave your child in the nursery or in your mother's house and pray that everything goes well when you leave, because at home, just eat, makes you dramas and fight as if he were a teenager when he is only a year old.

If you have asked yourself what you have done to deserve this, here is the answer. While many mothers believe that their children behave worse with them than with other people because they spend more hours together, some more believe that they lack authority. Finally, a recent study has shown that this behavior is due to a pheromone.

No, you are not crazy

Now you will know that it is not your idea that your child behaves worse with you than with other people.

Researchers from the Department of Psychology at the University of Washington studied 500 families, observing their children when they asked for help, shouted, cried, tried to hit, refused to walk or talk, and behaved indifferently before an order.

Nor your son has a rebellious soul

The study revealed that children behave up to 800% worse in the presence of their mother and in children under 10 years, the probability doubles to 1,600%.

Dr. KP Leibowitz, author of the study, explains:

What we found was that eight-month-old children could be playing happily and suddenly, when their mother entered the room, they would start crying, to release their anger and demand their immediate attention. This happened in 99.9% of the children, because the remaining 0.1 was a child with vision difficulties, who upon hearing his mother's voice started throwing things and asking for food despite having eaten.

The experts want to help you

According to Leibowitz, this has a simple explanation: your smell and pheromones modify the behavior of your child.

Currently the doctor is working on an aerosol that can mask the pheromones helping the child to have a better behavior.

Although you may have to change your perfume

If you are still not convinced of the results of this study, you should remain calm, because not everything is due to pheromones, or lack or excess of time. Neither does it mean that your child is spoiled or lacks authority; Another reason why your child behaves this way when he sees you is because you represent his comfort zone: when he is by your side he knows that he can download his emotions and problems, because he is aware that there is no one better than you to do it. feel good.

So be proud of the bond you have created with him or her, give him comfort, protection and love in your own way, because so far you have done very well.

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