Confirmed: broken heart syndrome exists; yes it is possible to die of love


Death of love Not only is Miguel Bosé a song, in fact, it is a problem that has been studied for some years because doctors began to associate the death of some people with a strong emotional burden. This means that stress levels increase greatly when you have suffered some setback in your relationships.

Finish with your boyfriend, receive bad news, the death of a loved one or even a very strong surprise, can cause the weakening of the blood-pumping muscle, called myocardium. This disorder is known as broken heart syndrome or, scientifically, Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, because the first case studied and described was in Japan.

Takotsubo It is a conical shaped container that is used to trap octopus. When someone suffers from this syndrome, the left ventricle of the heart acquires a similar shape.

The symptoms are very similar to those of a heart attack and therefore can be confused: chest pain, shortness of breath, arm pain and sweating, the only difference is that there is no obstruction of the coronary arteries. If you suffer any of these symptoms, it is best to go immediately to a doctor. However, some of the important factors to consider in order to give a correct diagnosis would be age and sex. It has been proven that most cases have occurred in women, especially after menopause.

This condition is not as well known, but it is more frequent than you think. Certainly, after a few weeks most people who suffer from this syndrome recover completely. What happens is that they suddenly release large doses of catecholamines, substances similar to adrenaline that, in very high doses, have a toxic effect on the heart. In fact, similar symptoms present patients who have accidentally suffered from adrenaline overdose.

To make an accurate diagnosis, the antecedents and conditions are taken into account such as a strong and sudden stress and the absence of classic cardiovascular risk factors: smoking, hypertension, hyperlipemia and diabetes.

It is estimated that only in 2% of the cases that present a heart attack does this pathology really suffer. Luckily, recovery is quick, three to four days. Although sequelae usually do not occur, one in 10 patients has recurrence.

One of the most notorious cases is the recent death of Debbie Reynolds, Hollywood star, who after learning of the death of her daughter Carrie Fisher (the Princess Lea), he lost the battle and achieved his last wish: to see his daughter again. Dr. Mark Creager, director of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Cardiac and Vascular Center in New Hampshire, said: A broken heart is actually an event in which the heart stops functioning normally and is susceptible to heart rhythm abnormalities. This is what happened to Reynolds after the loss of Carrie.

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