Confirmed: Anne Hathaway will play the role of Barbie in her next live action movie


Barbie has had all the professions and trades possible, however there is an industry that the famous doll has not yet managed to conquer: Hollywood. From the pre-production of the film Live Action of BarbieUS media began the debate that concluded on the same question: what actress would be responsible for embodying the role of the famous doll?

Well the answer has come: the winner of the Oscar, Anne Hathaway, accepted the task of helping Barbie to become a star of the red carpet; the endearing My princess will give life to the most beloved doll of all time and the news is almost synonymous with success at the box office.

Anne Hathaway will be Barbie

Recently, in an official statement, the actress and comedian Amy Schumer announced that she would not be able to play Barbie due to setbacks in her work schedule. After this, hollywood media started their bets and proposed their favorite candidates to continue with the project; Anne Hathaway's name was one of the most sounded for months.

Finally, the script and the paper fell into his hands.

Hathaway must first finish four projects she has on her doorstep before getting into the role of Barbie, so the movie is expected to premiere until August 2018, or even until 2019.

The plot will revolve around Barbie being expelled from Barbieland when the community in which she grew up decides to banish her for not being perfect, nor conform to the standards established by your company. The girl will leave her comfort zone and face the real world to realize that it is the imperfections that make us unique in the world.

Barbie, beyond being perfect

The plot sounds something like our first real-life doll in the movies, when in 2000 Tyra Banks, gave life to Eve, the fashion doll that every girl dreamed of being. In that film, the protagonist doll was not related to Barbie, however the reference was quite obvious and although, in a certain part, her teaching was empathetic and profound, the film did not go beyond being a comedy for television.

So the idea of ​​having Anne Hathaway in Barbie in Live Action, gives us excitement and hope for seeing new facets of the world's most famous doll and perhaps a clearer message about the evolution and generational changes that it has overcome over the years.

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