Compulsive purchases can take you to the psychiatrist; Do rebates awaken your oniomania?


If you also belong to the group of girls who go shopping when they are bored, sad, happy or angry, and end up taking home thousands of things that end up being saved, tagged or unused, it is time to consult a specialist since you could be a victim of compulsive shopping disorder.

The term of oniomania, with which the disorder of excessive purchases is known, was coined in the 19th century by the psychiatrists Emil Kraepelin and Eugene Bleuler. But beyond thinking that it can be fun to spend all your money on anything, there is a dark side that few have dared to talk about and that could lead you not only to bankruptcy but also to mental and emotional ruin.

The excess of purchases has serious consequences

Compulsive shopping could trigger a therapy session with a psychiatrist who treats your oniomania, which is characterized by unbridled desire to buy without any real need.

This disorder is usually associated with depression and low self-esteem, although compulsive shopping may be present in other mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder.

The root of the problem is not derived from your cards without credit limit

The professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico commented that although the behavior is not included in the psychiatric manuals, it is very similar, neurobiologically speaking, to the pathological (inability to abstain and stop before the game) that is included in addictive behaviors.

Among the symptoms is common to find anxiety, dissatisfaction, lack of self-control and sense of guilt at the end of purchases, because the fact of having new items does not fill the emotional vacuum that is housed inside.

Everything has a solution

If you feel that your purchases are getting out of control, you can seek professional help. Another recommendation is to reduce your expenses, block some credit cards and generate a list before your purchases that only includes the necessary items.

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