Company uses pet ashes to create jewelry


The jewels made by Davenport Memorial Glass are a combination of glass and ashes from loved ones that allow dying people to take them everywhere after death.

The company, which only worked with human ashes, recently ventured into the pet market to offer owners a nice memory of their four-legged companion.

Our goal is to physically capture a moment, create a memorial that evokes memories. We know that nothing will be compared with time next to the loved one, but we hope that with our help people will be able to honor and treasure the invaluable moments that they spent together.

It is proven that, for the owners, the pain involved in the death of your pet is comparable to the grief that is experienced after the death of a family member or friend. In addition to the loss, they are faced with the question of what to do with the body after death. What Davenport Memorial Glass intends is to facilitate this decision by offering a beautiful or original option to preserve memories.

Jeweller uses ashes of loved ones to make necklaces and bracelets (April 2021)