Combine your skin tone with the color of your clothes to look radiant


Have you noticed how sometimes your skin, eyes and features stand out more and sometimes less? This is due to the colors that surround you and, above all, to the ones you wear on your clothes. It is not something unknown and still many women do not know what tones make us look better.

When a color favors you it makes you look healthy, resplendent and even full of energy; On the contrary, if you choose colors that do not go with you, you will look tired and pale.

There are four basic skin tones (spring, summer, autumn and winter) and if you have not identified yours, here we clear your doubts so that you get the most out of your appearance.

How to recognize your skin tone?

The first step in knowing how to choose your clothes is to determine if your skin tone is cold or warm. The cold skins tend to be pink with blue veins, while the warm ones are a little yellow and green veins.

After identifying the tone you should know if your skin is clear or off. The clear skin contrasts a lot with the tone of eyes or hair, and the extinguished one does not manage to stand out much.

Spring = warm + clear

The colors that favor you are: gold, gray, peach, carmine, burgundy, light blue, electric blue, lilac, beige and all the brown and green tones.

Famous with spring skin: Paris Hilton, Olivia Wilde and Scarlett Johansson.

Summer = cold + off

Your colors are: soft and pastel tones, light blue, lilac, silver, gold, light yellow, water green, coral, pale pink, brown and all shades of gray.

Famous with summer skin: Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger.

Autumn = warm + off

The colors go well: neutral and dark like gray, orange, coral, imperial red, olive green, green basil, camel, mauve, beige and gold.

Celebrities with autumn skin: Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and Sofía Vergara.

Winter = cold + clear

The colors that look good are: white, salmon red, light yellow, pine green, emerald, gray blue, indigo and all shades of pink and purple.

Famous with winter skin: Courteney Cox, Penelope Cruz and Halle Berry.

Now that you know what colors look better and make you look more radiant, you can show off your outfits as a whole supermodel.

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