Cole Sprouse sings in Riverdale and the whole Internet falls in love with his voice


In his role as Jughead in Riverdale, Cole Sprouse revealed a surprising number of hidden talents. Although it is well known that Cole acts, we have marveled at his aptitudes in photography, writing and his most recent demonstration in singing.

Although we are still upset because Cole was never invited to join the cast of Camp Rock during his days at Disney, a brief musical moment during the special episode of Heathers: The Musical in Riverdale He compensated for our wait because he sang a duet with Lili Reinhart, demonstrating that talent is second name and, of course, his voice is incredible.

The last night was the second annual musical episode of Riverdale and it was fabulous

This year they did Heathers: The Musical and nobody died. A victory for the drama team in Riverdale.

It seemed like a musical like any other, until

Cole appeared singing duet with Lili

I'm sorry, but Cole Sprouse singing is playing DJJDJDJDNDFJJD

His notes were as soft as the sea breeze

He made us sigh with every word

It was something we did not expect, but we love madly

And, of course, it's already on our list of the best times of the year

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