Cinema gives women cleaning supplies after seeing Wonder Woman; Internet destroys it


The resounding success of the tape Wonder Woman It can not be questioned. Fans of the comics have applauded the way this incredible heroine has been taken to the big screen and without a doubt, it is a point in favor for the actress Gal Gadot, who plays the main role, and for the director Patty Jenkins.

In an initiative to promote the message of feminine empowerment, some cinemas in the United States began to project the film exclusively for women, which was not well received by many men, who argued for a gender segmentation.

An unfortunate incident

A cinema in Belgium tried to do the same and invited a group of women to attend the cinema to enjoy the show. To their bad luck, everything went wrong, they made a serious mistake trying to motivate the women to come back another time, giving them a bag with some products from the sponsors of the cinema, but they did not think about the repercussions of that gift

The guests were not happy

The gift bag included, nothing more and nothing less than: a catalog of diet pills and three cleaning products.

Obviously they did not imagine that they were projecting the wrong message and that many women do not think that a kit Cleaning can be the tool that a superhero needs to save the world and of course, does not make them wonder women.

A total bear

The rain of criticism through social networks was immediate and the women decided to convey their dissatisfaction to Kinepolis. The manager of the rooms had no choice but to ask for an apology on behalf of the company and assure the angry girls that they would take the necessary measures so that this type of incident does not arise in the future.

The gift bags are full of products that our sponsors offer us, it is chance. So, it is possible that there is a sponge in it, but this was definitely not done on purpose, we did not choose these products ourselves. It was definitely not the intention to seem inconsiderate with women.

A gift nothing wonderful

Diana Goodwin, one of the attendees, made a comment against what happened:

It's ironically inappropriate, considering you're watching a movie that revolves around a super-strong female character, a superheroine.

Surely the company learned the lesson and they have affirmed that the event will not happen again, and for the content of the women, they will review the promotional materials before giving them away.

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