Chris Hemsworth feeds a quokka and and becomes the cutest man in the world


Chris Hemsworth stole sighs from his more than 25 million followers on Instagram. The reason? He published a video in which he feeds a quokka, a species of marsupial that is in danger of extinction.

The video of the beautiful moment already exceeds nine million reproductions, but it was the behind the scenes what conquered more people.

Chris had to get as close as possible to the ground, arching his back and raising his backside to the air to balance how close his head was to the floor. The position in which it ended and that was captured by his wife, Elsa Pataky, has provoked thousands of compliments.

Chris also posed in the company of the quokka, known for being the happiest animal in the world.

I spent three weeks crawling on earth, studying the movements of the quokkas, imitating their language and earning their trust, and I was accepted as one of them. Now I answer to the name of Quokkachirs.

His adorable gesture has earned him more followers

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