Chris Evans reflects on black holes and the universe


In addition to being handsome and a great actor, Chris Evans have other hidden talents, as he shared on Twitter a link from the Business Insider India page with one of the scientific issues that have nothing to do with his acting career: black holes.

He has been seen very active in social networks as a public figure and sharing news about the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, among other interesting activities that are related to see beyond what happens on Earth.

The Captain America Frequently uses Twitter to share journalistic notes about phenomena of great magnitude related to space.

This time it was the one of a black hole that is nine times bigger than the Sun, what took it to deepen:

Beautiful mysteries full of power and impermanence that happen all the time.

On the other hand, the actor unleashes strong emotions in the followers with his photographs of himself, which has caused him to be better known and loved by the public.

It should be noted that his popularity gave this tweet almost 222 thousand likes and about 34 thousand times shared.

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