Chris Evans lashes out at a group that organized the Heterosexual Pride march in Boston

Through his Twitter account, Avengers superstar Chris Evans sent an antihomophobic message to a group of men who organized a Heterosexual Pride march in his native Boston, Massachusetts.

The human Torch initially reacted to a publication of the Washington Post, which reported on three men who requested permission to conduct a parade of hetero pride in the LGBT Pride month.

Evans commented on the publication: Wow! Great initiative, friends! Just a thought, instead of the Straight Pride parade, what about this: the parade of trying desperately to bury our own gay thoughts for being homophobic because no one taught us how to access our emotions? What you think? Also in your face? .

Later, before the criticism unleashed by the initiative of the parade, Chris Evans quoted another user of networks that in a letter attacked those who proposed the event and urged that instead of going immediately to anger (which in reality is only fear of what you do not understand) take a moment to seek empathy and growth.

So far, his first tweet exceeds 412 thousand I like it and 89 thousand retweets, and the second 208 thousand I like it and 42 thousand retweets.

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