Chris Evans is looking for a girlfriend! He wants to get married and have children


Although in Hollywood it is very common to see couples unite and unite from one day to the next, there are still celebrities who are waiting to meet the love of their lives. Perhaps it is surprising, but the living proof of this is Chris Evans.

The actor is one of the most handsome men, chivalrous, attractive, with a body of infarction and if we continue mentioning his virtues the list would never end; However, although he is the perfect man prototype, he has lived in the world of bachelorhood for a few years. But that could end sooner than we thought, because he recently confessed that he is looking for love and that he wants to have children! But aside, ladies, that man will be mine.

Chris is a complete gentleman

Recently the 37-year-old actor gave an interview in which he talked about his ex-partners and said that he has never had a bad break and that he appreciates them a lot; He even claimed that the actress and her latest girlfriend, Jenny Slate, is one of her favorite human beings:

She is the best. She is so vulnerable, so honest, so interested in other people than in herself. It is incredibly compassionate. There is simply nothing that I do not love and admire about her.

Goodbye to singleness!

After being questioned about his singleness and if he wants to leave soon, Chris said something surprising and we would never imagine:

I really want children. Yes, I want it I like ordinary and domestic things. I want a wife, I want children, I want a wedding. I want to carve pumpkins, decorate trees at Christmas and things like that.

But Chris is not an easy kid to conquer

Being the girlfriend of this sexy guy is not a simple task. The actor also confessed that it is difficult to maintain a relationship due to the pace of work and social life so intense that manages, so he does not want his future wife is involved in the world of entertainment so you can understand.

There is some vital experience that you share that is difficult to understand for someone who is not part of this sector. Letting someone go to work for months and not seeing it can damage the relationship.

Everything indicates that Captain America is bored of being alone, so you have to stop crying for your ex because, definitely, it's time to apply to win the heart of this attractive man.

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