Child does homework on the street because his mom does not have enough to pay for the light


When you were little, what did you prefer? Study or play? Surely many of us will say that to play because hours of fun are preferable to boring hours of study. But there are those who struggle against all odds to fulfill their dreams of a better life because they know that nothing is given away.

Víctor Martín Angulo Córdoba is a 12-year-old Peruvian boy who attends the sixth grade of primary school and, despite coming from a family with few resources, does not let any obstacle stop his growth. His mom does not have enough money to pay for the light, so every night he grabs his backpack, goes out into the street, sits under a lamppost and does the homework.

They have never had light

Rosa Córdoba Angulo tells us that there has never been electricity in her house and that they used a hand lamp before, but the battery ran out and they had to resort to candles. Perhaps for many, not having electricity at home would be the perfect excuse for not fulfilling the duties, but not for Victor, because he does not want a bad note to get him away from his dream of being a policeman.

Besides studying, works afternoon

Like any mother, Rosa would like to give everything to her children so they do not suffer from deficiencies, but despite everything she is proud that Victor is a caring child who has never put a bad face on adversity and who, on the contrary, is dedicated and she struggles to get ahead in life, because in addition to excelling in school, in the evenings she works helping her to feed the sheep.

They will no longer have to live in the dark

Although social networks can have their cons, fortunately for the boy and his family Internet was a great help. After a witness recorded it and made his situation viral, Mayor Arturo Fernández Bazán visited the house, gave him school supplies and promised to pay the electricity so that the family would not have to live in the dark. What good news!

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