Child cries to sleep after seeing Avengers: Endgame


We knew that Avengers: Endgame It was going to be hard to see because it was impossible for all Avengers survived, and although it is pure fiction and we had become fond of the characters.

Mike Bartlett is the father of a six-year-old boy who has loved Tony Stark since he was just a baby, and his death made him so sad that when he got home, he went to bed with all his toys. Hombre de Hierro and literally cried to sleep.

I never thought that I would have to explain these things to my son. He just cried and said: I want him to come back! I want to see it one more time!

As he wrote on his Twitter account, his son understands that it is a movie and not real life, but watching his favorite superhero sacrifice his life to save the world was very difficult for him.

The good news is that the child has overcome the loss and remembers Stark with affection and admiration; The bad news is that many of us still do not get over it.

We are adults and we can not stop crying

This is not done, Marvel!

We need a support group

We are many who have a broken heart

Tony can not overcome Tony's death

We love you 3 thousand!

Until Loki understands us

I cried for 30 hours!

Do not leave, Mr. Stark

Hombre de Hierro, returns!

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