Chico designs false eyelashes with LED lights; they are more fun than you imagine


Internet is one of the most useful tools when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. In this way, Twitter discovered one of the strangest and most fun possible accessories for a beauty routine: F.Lashes. This new invention could change forever the concept of personal arrangement for a party, it is nothing more than a pair of rechargeable tabs with LED light.

The design is incredible and although up to now it is only a prototype, its creator seeks to position his brilliant invention. Would you like to get to your next massive party with a couple of tabs of light? Its creator ensures that they are as easy to use as light and harmless to the eye. Meet the F.lashes and do not lose track of them, they will soon be the trend!

Meet the craziest LED eyelashes ever designed

His name is a word game between lash (tab) and flash (flash) and the project was presented by its creator Tien Pham, during the festival of American invention Make Faire.

This prototype won the editor's choice award, and in July 2017, Pham will begin its funding campaign with the help of Kickstarter, platform that supports small creative companies to start their projects.

Very well, there is an interactive mode, also a dance mode and a glitter mode.

They do not reflect the light in your eyes

Its creator ensures that there is no risk to your eyes because the eyelashes only reflect a light that is never noticeable to the eyes. The F.Lashes They are applied in the same way as normal false eyelashes, their battery lasts about four hours and they are rechargeable.

Do you want the F.Lashes be a reality?

Sign up and support this fun project so that they will soon be a reality and you can use them at the next party or as a fun accessory to Halloween.

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