Chica shares in Facebook a moving testimony of the reality that people with depression live

Depression is one of the diseases that most affect society today, and yet it is rarely taken as a serious disorder. Not only is being sad, its symptoms usually appear in a silent but, at the same time, strongly destructive. The lack of appetite and energy and poor hygiene and distraction, in the long run, can lead people into a dark spiral with no way out.

A couple of weeks ago, a young American woman shared the almost imperceptible side of depression and surprised her contacts in Facebook thanks to a single image: she brushes her hair. The lack of self-care in Katelyn Marie Todd is all you need to understand a depressed person and discover that such a simple task can become the most complicated when your desire to exist are few; here the publication that went viral.

Today I brushed my hair

Today I brushed my hair. For the first time in 4 weeks. He was tangled and twisted. It broke and pulled with each pull. I cried while I washed and put on conditioner, because I had forgotten how my fingers felt in my hair. I brushed my teeth for the first time in a week. My gums bled. The water became red. I also cried for that. After bathing, I could not stop smelling my hair and my arms. I avoided hugging people because it did not smell good. My scent was as if I had been in bed for a week. I did not have clean clothes because I was too tired and sad to wash.

Depression is not cute. Depression is poor hygiene, dirty dishes, and a body in pain from sleeping too much. Depression is having three friends who are only close to you because they have the patience and love of a saint. Depression is crying to run out of tears, sobbing until you gasp for your next breath. Depression is looking at the ceiling until your eyes burn because you forgot to blink. Depression is making your family cry because they think you do not love them when you are distant and distracted. Depression is as somatic as it is emotional, emptiness can be felt physically.

Please be kind to your friends and family when they have trouble getting energy to cleanse, cohabit or take care of themselves. And please, please take it seriously if you ever need to talk about that. We tried. I swear, we tried. Come? Today I brushed my hair.

Katelyn's photo was shared more than 300 thousand times

The powerful text that accompanied the image of Katelyn achieved that more than 22 thousand users of Facebook They will express their support for the young girl with depression. Others, in addition to showing their love for Todd, took advantage of the space to share their experiences with mental health problems, such as anxiety.

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