Checked! Having toxic relationships makes you smarter


Everyone has heard the word toxic and maybe they have been in a relationship like this, not only as a couple, because sometimes friends and even the family can come to have behaviors that affect our integrity.

Where others are bad It is better not to stay long, the smartest thing is to get away and start over. After all, there is no better experience and learning than having lived it in the flesh.

The psychologist Rubén Blasco Navarro describes the toxic relationships:

They are those in which after a meeting or contact with the person, you realize that being with her you feel bad, you alter yourself in an excessive way, you spend moments of sadness, guilt, anger, anxiety, you feel manipulated, but you find it very complicated to end this relationship. It is in this situation that we can affirm that you have a toxic relationship with that person.

Sometimes it is difficult to realize that it is not really a good connection because it can be confused with a bad streak or a phase that every couple faces. Also, having low self-esteem or fear of being alone can push you to continue with the nightmare.

The emotional dependence has a lot to do with this situation, coupled with the thoughts that soon will happen or this happens to everyone, wanting to minimize the problem and believing that it does not affect. To get out of a relationship like this many times external help is required as a psychologist who carries out the separation process; It is delayed but it is sooner than if it is done on its own, says Blasco Navarro.

What happens after leaving the couple is the best part because the emotions are not as fragile as at the beginning, therefore, there will not be another relationship for now. Before taking any step, the person will stop to think if it is okay or if it is possible that it ends the same, it is more careful.

They are more intelligent people who after overcoming toxic individuals want more time for themselves, clarify doubts and focus on what is best for them.

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