Check the link between optimism and better health


Although the mechanism for the connection between health and positivism is not perfectly clear, researchers have concluded that there is definitely a link between positive attitude and better health.

Lisa R. Yanek, assistant professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, who studies cardiovascular disease in families and modifies risk factors for them, explains that during their research in patients with a family history of disease It could be determined that those who presented a positive attitude were one third less likely to suffer both a heart attack and a cardiovascular event, in a period of five to 25 years, than those with a more negative outlook on life.

With the title of The Power of Positive Thinking (The power of positive thinking, just like the name best seller by Norman Vicent Peale, in 1952), the Johns Hopkins research institution shows the study in which it is even observed that patients with a history that represented an increased risk of arterial and coronary disease maintained the condition of advantage as long as their attitude was optimistic.

Likewise, people with a positive outlook among the general population treated in the study -without a history of the diseases under evaluation- had a 13 percent lower chance of suffering a heart attack or a coronary event than their negative counterparts.

Yanek, from the division of Internal Medicine of the hospital, explains that to determine the negative and positive perspectives among the subjects of the research, tools were used to measure levels of joy, energy, anxiety and satisfaction about both health and life in general.

Also, although our personality is determined from factors such as our genetics, the teacher offered some keys to improve the perspective with which we observe life:

  • Smile more. It is proven that the smile decreases the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Practice reframing. It is best to focus on the good things that we have or that happen to us and not the negative or bad.
  • Build resilience Increasing the ability to adapt to stressful or negative situations and accept the change.

The Case For Realistic Optimism | Ray Poole | TEDxStripDistrict (April 2021)