Chayanne sends a message to his lost children and Twitter goes crazy

Elmer Figueroa Arce, better known as Chayanne, received more than 7,000 congratulations on social networks for the celebration of Father's Day in Mexico.

Although nobody expected a response from the singer, Chayanne answered one of his lost children, unleashing all kinds of comments on the Internet.

We have been jokingly told that Chayanne is our true dad

Far from bothering us, we have followed the current

Last Sunday was Father's Day in Mexico

And his lost daughters took the opportunity to congratulate him

Like every good father, Chayanne answered the messages

Some were so excited that they planned a surprise

Others did not understand what was happening

Although there was no lack of who took the opportunity to clarify other issues

We just want to say one thing: Adopt me, Chayanne!

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