Change your Xbox and work as a gardener to give your mom a car


Our mothers do everything for us and sacrifice themselves so that we do not miss anything, even in difficult moments they manage to make us happy and have no worries. They are superheroines! But even they need help.

Krystal Preston is a single mother of three children who squeezed every penny to reach the end of fortnight. That's why her 13-year-old son, William Preston, came up with an idea to lighten his load: I would buy him a car!

The idea came after watching videos on YouTube of children who surprised their mothers by giving them a car, so with the money she earned from pruning the neighbors' lawn she found the perfect opportunity when she saw a woman selling a very cheap car.

The boy contacted the vendor and proposed a deal: he gave her his Xbox and his savings in exchange for the 1999 Chevrolet Metro. At first the woman refused, but William's insistence made her change her mind. After all, a boy who cared so much about his mother deserved to fulfill his goal.

Mom, I bought you a car!

When William told his mother that he would go to work, Krystal thought it would be a day like any other, but when he returned from his workday he came with a big surprise.

Mom, I bought you a car! Krystal could not believe it and thought it was a joke. Even when she saw the car outside the house she did not believe what her eyes saw until the saleswoman gave her the keys and papers. The car really was his!

Right at my lowest point, when I felt that I could not do it anymore, that I was up to my neck, my son came to give me hope and to tell me that he believes in me, that we are going to get ahead. We all go through difficult times in life, but there are good things that can arise from any situation, as long as someone shows you their love with the heart.

Definitely William is an exemplary son!

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