Cellular lights can promote weight gain in women


Women want to look spectacular, whether wearing fashion, doing exercises that make them look enviable or working to be independent. However, the theme of having a healthy body and that looks good is the favorite for many (if not all), but there is something that may not be helping: light.

Researchers revealed that the brightness of the cell phone, electronic devices, street lights that enter through the window and those that are lit in the room can cause weight gain. This report, published in the magazine JAMA (American Medical Association), surveyed 44,000 women in the United States and followed them up for five years.

It was concluded that females who sleep with artificial light in the room are 17 percent more likely to increase five kilos, because the brightness of mobile devices causes melatonin production to decrease, which disturbs sleep and feeding.

Another important point reached is that light is a chronic stress factor that affects the hormones that regulate metabolism, such as gloco-corticoids. The researchers suggested that brightness may suppress melatonin production, which alters sleep rhythm and eating patterns.

The report was based on a survey of nearly 44,000 women in the United States who were followed up for five years.

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