Cast of Clueless meets 24 years of premiere; The 90's are back!


In 1995, 24 years ago, one of the films that marked our childhood and with which we learned about fashion, boys and friendship was released: Clueless.

That's why our inner november girl was excited to know that there would be a remake of this great film, but we do not have to wait any longer to see Cher and Josh together again, as the actors gathered to make us feel nostalgia on the surface.

During the Comic & Entertainment event in Chicago, in which the undeniable legacy of the series was celebrated, their paths met again and, to our good fortune, there were plenty of photos of the memory on Instagram!

I loved playing Cher, he was a very funny character, and working with all of them was great. I did not live Cher's life, so it was very fun to be her.

We have no idea if there will be Clueless 2

In their Instagram posts, the fans took the opportunity to ask them to start a second part of the film because, let's face it, we all died to see what happened with Cher and Josh.

When the issue came to the surface, Paul Rudd said that, if there was a second part, it would be nice but disturbing that the couple would continue together: are they still half brothers, no? .

A tribute to Brittany Murphy

For both the actors and the fans, it was impossible not to remember Brittany Murphy, who passed away in 2009. They keep her in her memory as a talented, happy and sweet person: she was lovely and it was a pleasure to work with her.

Without Brittany the cast will never be complete again, but the truth is that we miss them and it would be great to see them performing together in a sequel to Clueless

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