Cara Delevingne was ATTACKED in a disastrous interview. Your reaction will SURPRISE you


Cara Delevingne is an English actress and model who has achieved worldwide fame in recent months thanks to her recently released film, Paper cities (Papers Town), based on the homonymous novel by writer John Green (author of Under the same star). To promote the film, Cara has visited television shows and has been going from interview to interview around the world.

As part of his agenda, he had to attend a satellite interview for the program Good Day Sacramento, where the presenters began to be impolite in their questions and attacked the actress for the little enthusiasm she showed. The situation was such that the interview was cut off early.

It all started with the left foot from the moment they mispronounced his name: the presenter called her Carla Delevingne, which apparently made the actress start to get irritated. Then they asked her if she read the book on which the film is based, and she responded with a bit of sarcasm that the presenters apparently did not understand.

You seemed much more excited about how you look now, will you be exhausted? the presenter asked him. Cara's bewildered face speaks for itself, because the question came from nowhere. The actress did not seem tired, maybe a little annoyed by the direction the interview was taking.

The worst happens when the program host says: You look a little irritated, maybe it's us? . Delevingne, already very annoyed, answers with a: No, I think it's just you.

With the interview completely out of hand, the presenter says goodbye with a: Go to sleep a nap and drink an energy drink.

It goes without saying that the presenters of the program were very heavy and unprofessional, even more so when the live broadcast ended, they began to speak ill of her on the air.

Only to see the expressions of the famous actress is enough to realize that the entire interview was a complete disaster.

Later the young actress published a tweet that alluded to what she had just experienced:

Some people just do not understand sarcasm or the British sense of humor

Cara Delevingne (@Caradelevingne) July 29, 2015

Some people do not understand the sarcasm or the British sense of humor.

Cara Delevingne never lost her composure, although she was notoriously taken out of her shoes. Do you agree or do you think that the actress was really tired and cranky?

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