Can you imagine what Disney princesses would look like with a normal waist? This is the result


Disney classics are fantastic stories that, although they include messages for young people, promote unreal images, especially for women.

The creative arts Emmy Award winner, Loryn Brantz, decided it would be good to challenge the unhealthy bodies that are promoted by the Disney princesses, giving them a waistline with more real lines, which are seen in everyday life.

When we are children we do not realize that these images that appear in the media affect us, but they definitely do, Brantz mentioned for the Huffington Post. The media have the possibility to change the way women are seen and how they see themselves. They should start taking responsibility. It only took me a couple of minutes in the design to make those princess' waists less extreme, and they still look beautiful and magical.

Although he said he has always loved Disney movies, Loryn said he had problems with his body image. He made the decision to draw these female characters after seeing Frozen: Although I loved the movie, I was horrified to see that the designs of the female bodies have not changed. I think the animation industry has more responsibility, because the characters are created by men, and that contributes to the designs are not provided.







Disney Princesses With Real Body Types Actually Look...Normal! (January 2021)