Buffing, the new and natural tendency to fix your nails that you will love


Most of the time we worry about the health of our face and hair, but we put aside our nails. We tend to paint them in colors, without taking into account the damage caused by the chemicals contained in the nail varnish, making them brittle and yellowish.

But a new trend called Buffing (polished), and is nothing other than keeping the nails clean, hydrated, natural and bright, we tell you how to do it at home.

1. Clean your nails

The first thing you should do is make sure your nails are dry and clean, if not, carefully remove the polish and cut your nails to the desired length, remember that the shorter ones are easier to maintain.

2. Give them form

You can shape it with a common file but you can also use a call buffer block, which consists of four faces with different granulates, the rougher part serves to mark the outline of your nail and the next face helps to polish the rough parts, always remember to move the file from side to side gently.

3. Humecta

You will need to soak your nails in a container with warm water and five drops of olive oil for five minutes, then dry your hands very well and push the cuticle with an orange stick.

4. Give them shine

Now it's time to use the last two sides of our buffer block, with the third face of the file you will seek to unify the texture of your nail so that the stretch marks disappear, remember to make the movement in a transversal way following the natural shape of the nail; When finished, you will use the finer part of the polisher to give it shine. Clean your nails with a towel soaked in olive oil to eliminate surplus and see the final result.

5. Apply moisturizer

Finally, apply a little hand moisturizer, it is very important to use it daily to improve the health of our skin and nails.

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