Britney Spears shuts down her critics: shows that YES can sing in the unedited version of Toxic


Britney Jean Spears was listed as the best teen artist in 1997, when she began her solo career with the release of her first album Baby One More Time and received the title of Pop princess. With nine studio albums and more than 25 years of career in the entertainment world, he has not escaped some scandals.

One of the most talked about was the year 2000, when she was accused of over-applying a program of auto tune that hides the errors of the singers when recording their songs, and that is also used to give distortion effects to the voice or to produce recordings with a more precise tuning.

It's a girl Toxic

Recently a video has been leaked to the networks where you can hear the true quality of the singer's voice, without using any type of editor, and people have been impressed.

Although she is not a virtuoso of music, she has silenced many people who did not trust her talent. This version of Toxic With his natural voice he has given a lot to talk about and it has quickly become viral.

Listen to Britney's true voice

Other occasions where he has shown his true voice

Of course when it comes to a live performance, singers have to be in constant movement and focus on their dance routines, so they use the auto tune It can save the night, however, many accused Spears of having the voice of a robot. What do you think?

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