Britney Spears hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital when facing an emotional crisis


Britney Spears was unexpectedly admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

As reported by the media TMZ, the hospitalization of the singer was due to family problems and stress that have caused a mental and emotional imbalance in the Princess of Pop.

Since January, Britney has been concerned about the health status of her father, James Spears, which has not improved since 2018.

Remember that Britney lives under the tutelage of his father since 2008 because of the bipolar disorder he suffers, and was himself who intervened in his care in 2007, year in which the singer revealed her mental health problems.

In addition, Britney has been concerned about the health of her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, who underwent two surgeries to treat her bowel and colon problems, without obtaining favorable results.

Britney entered the psychiatric hospital about a week ago voluntarily. It was also her who preferred to put a stop to her shows in Las Vegas to dedicate herself to taking care of her family, and herself, in a better way.

TMZ Source.

Because of all the problems she is going through right now, Britney sought help at a mental health hospital where she will stay for 30 days, hoping to get peace of mind and strength to move on.

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