Britney Spears breaks the silence after the #FreeBritney movement


After fans around the world expressed concern for singer Britney Spears, after her voluntary admission to a mental health center due to the anxiety caused by her father's illness and condition, the Princess of Pop reappeared through from a video he shared on his Instagram account, with which he tried to reassure his fans and denied the campaign #FreeBritney, in which they claim that they are isolated against their own will.

He just wants to take some time

In the video, Britney says that she only wants to take time to heal, but she does not believe that because of the strong rumors surrounding her situation:

I wanted to say hello because the things that are being said have gotten out of control. Wow! There are rumors, death threats for my family and team, and so many crazy things they are saying. I am trying to take some time, but everything that is happening makes it more difficult for me. Do not believe everything you read and hear.

She is strong and defends what she wants

Britney concluded with a strong and inspiring message about her strength and resistance to any conflict. In the same way, she added that she will always be grateful to her fans for the unconditional love they give her, but now she only asks for a bit of privacy to deal with this difficult situation:

My situation is unique, but I promise that I will do my best at this time. They may not know this about me, but I am strong and I defend what I want. His love and dedication are incredible, but what I need right now is a bit of privacy to deal with all the difficult things that life is throwing at me. If you could do that, I would be very grateful. I love.

But the video did not reassure his fans on Twitter

They believe that it hides information

They seem pretty suspicious

But it's because they care about the singer

It breaks your heart to see her in this situation

Respect your privacy

And they will never stop supporting it

Britney Spears Breaks Her Silence on #FreeBritney Movement (April 2021)