Brigitte Macron's style breaks with the protocol; is the first lady most free of stereotypes


At 64, Brigitte Macron, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, is becoming an icon of style. The first lady of France has developed a taste for miniskirts, leather pants and tailored jackets that apparently French women want to imitate.

Brigitte has been criticized, largely because of the age difference between her husband and her, but she is showing that reaching a certain age does not mean she has to forget about looking fresh and elegant. For personal stylist Cathy OConnor, Brigitte has become an inspiration by refusing to comply with the social norms they expected of her, that is, to cover her body.

This is the style of the first lady who is breaking with the aesthetic protocols

During an interview Cathy analyzed the style of the first lady and said:

She is absolutely an infringer and in a way, a pioneer. As you get older, there are more guidelines and rules about what you can and can not do. When women enter at a later age, they reach a point where fashion tells them that the garments are not made for them, that they are trying to attract another type of audience.

However, Brigitte does not feel too old and is using her best accessory to combat criticism: her attitude.

His style is timeless

For the inauguration of her husband, she paraded through the red carpet of the Palais de l? Lysée wearing a military blue suit and miniskirt in sky blue. Louis Vuitton.

For the G7 summit in Italy, he opted for a white skirt suit by the same designer. And for the moments of rest, he used a couple of jeans white and a red top with leather sleeves, too Vuitton.

What I have observed about her is that she has a style without age, but there is always one detail that makes it explode: if it is a black dress, she wears an interesting jacket; when wearing leather pants or jeans, somehow adds a discreet accessory that makes it stand out.

Show your attributes works for her

It's not the short miniskirt she wears, it's her fantastic bare legs that work for her. Brigitte has long legs, with a great skin texture that make her stand out. If you are showing your legs, it does not show a cleavage. I think it's really an inspiration, when it comes to style, it has many rules that she invented herself.

When Brigitte met Princess Mary of Denmark earlier this month, she chose to wear a dress Louis Vuitton, apparently it is his favorite designer, but what stands out in his look, They were black leather shoes with metal tips.

Brigitte is not afraid to experiment with her personal style

The icon of the Irish fashion and exagente models, Celia Lee, believes that the first lady dresses just as she wishes without being afraid to experiment with her style.

She can wear a suit Louis Vuitton and a skirt above the knee and the next day, use a pair of jeans leather with heels. She is not afraid to play with her clothes, she does not turn her clothes into a uniform, as do most of the wives of leaders.

Brigitte Macron has become an attractive and strong woman who is not intimidated by criticism. No doubt we have to take his example and use what we like without fear of what they will say.

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