Bridesmaids exchange their bouquets for homeless puppies


In the preparations for a wedding, the bride cares about every detail and that includes her bridesmaids; for that reason, the bride chooses for them the most beautiful dresses, her hairstyles and bouquets of flowers.

Focusing on this last small but important detail, the bouquets of flowers have accompanied the bridesmaids wedding after wedding, although now they are about to be forgotten, because a new trend begins to leave the flowers in the fields so that the bridesmaids carry small puppies homeless in their hands.

Like these bridesmaids, who posed with puppies instead of flowers not for a simple whim, but for a good cause. The girlfriend, Sarah Mallouk Crain, works at an animal rescue center in Pennsylvania, and took advantage of her wedding photo shoot to promote the adoption of pets.

All posed with adorable rescued puppies, and Caroline Logan was the photographer responsible for introducing these six children, each with its own story.

Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth and Louisa, are the names of the rescued puppies that filled this marital encounter with happiness.

The best thing is that the knights of honor also posed next to the dogs, revealing their most sensitive and fun side.

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