Bride helps to achieve a sweet and emotional PROPOSAL the day of her own WEDDING


At weddings, there is an old tradition of throwing the bride's bouquet to her bridesmaids and other guests. The lucky one to pick up the bouquet will be the next one to head towards the altar. Well, in this video, the old tradition is completely true: the secret plan of the future boyfriend and the bride who throws the bouquet was perfectly executed. The countdown started, but the bouquet was never launched; instead, the bride turns and goes to her maid of honor to deliver the bouquet in her hands. The girl turns around and finds herself in front of her boyfriend, who gives her an engagement ring! And answer? Of course an emotional Yes.

The guests, who lasted a moment in state of shock, then they celebrated in duplicate. You will love the response of friends and family who gather around the bride and future bride to celebrate together!

What a great way to express joy at a wedding! Surely you loved the way this girlfriend selflessly shares being the center of attention with her friend, the day of her own wedding.

Bride Helps Sister Get Engaged at Her Own Wedding (January 2021)