Bride demands her maid of honor for dulling her on her wedding day

From the creators of bride asks her guests to solve mathematical problems to attend her wedding and I canceled my party because the guests did not want to cooperate with $ 1,500 per person, comes the controversial success: girlfriend asks for compensation to her maid of honor for dulling her in her own wedding.

Although the story sounds like a fiction story, it is a reality. On Reddit, a woman told how her wedding was made less for her maid of honor, whom she now demands a compensation of $ 30,000 for ruining her special day.

The user IgnoreBride said that her friend Anna stole the attention of all the guests at her wedding because of her pregnancy, charisma and beautiful husband, whom, by the way, she did not know or knew what she would take.

The tragic story begins like this:

I wanted to give the two bridesmaids an extra invitation for their partners. Anna seemed offended because at that time she did not have a formal boyfriend, she started dating her now husband, but at the time it was casual.

Finally, the bride gave him the extra invitation and half a year before the wedding Anna got married in a private ceremony.

She brought her new husband, although I never met him and knowing that I would not like the idea. But that's not all: she was enormously pregnant and did not refrain from showing off her pregnancy. My husband and I are very young (25) and in the culture of my husband, getting pregnant before 30 is basically a teenage pregnancy and obviously attracted ATTENTION.

But this was not the only thing that bothered the bride:

She has a vibrant personality and a special way of eclipsing everyone around her. Her husband is also very tall and incredibly attractive, which attracted the most attention.

Even as they congratulated me, people asked me about that electric woman and about her pregnancy and life. Everything got worse when they got up to dance, all eyes were on them.

Now I can not even look at the pictures without crying and I want my wedding to repeat itself. Honestly, I think Anna owes me a wedding, she did all this as a revenge for offending her years ago, but I will demand a payment of 30 thousand dollars, which was the money that my husband and I saved for our special day.

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