Bride demands family and friends to fight for a place in their wedding


Weddings are beautiful, as long as you live them from the outside, because if you are the bride, be sure that they will bring out the worst in you as a person. Yes, we know, it is one of the most special days of your life, but your family and friends do not have to meet all your demands and demands as this bride intended.

This queen of bridezillas he wanted to organize a series of fights so that his friends and family could earn the honor of being invited, and not only that: he wrote a list of rules and demands they had to meet, one of which was a legal contract so he could make money. Her sister, the user of Reddit Suicides and Sundaes, shared the list of demands

His crazy sister wanted to make a battle for the wedding procession

I already had the main sponsors; the others had to fight for the position

To participate they had to follow a series of rules

And he had not even committed himself yet!

The users of Reddit were amazed by the demands, but they explained a little more

It is not the first time that the girl asks for absurd gifts

The boyfriend agrees with everything his pretty girl asks for

It accommodated the groomsmen according to their height or that is what is believed

Obviously nobody would go to a wedding like that, right?

Anyway, let's hope that the girl achieves her mission and has a dream wedding

Entitled Bride Demands Friends Pay for Her $60,000 Wedding (April 2021)