Breast milk may be the cure for cancer: study


Many people have had the misfortune to lose a loved one because of cancer, while others continue to fight against this terrible disease, and thousands of scientists around the world work every day to find a cure.

Dr. Catharina Svanborg, a renowned immunologist at Lund University in Sweden, has dedicated her life to finding a cure, and one of her findings may have met the goal. His hypothesis was born in a casual way, while watching how isolated cancer cells decreased when they came into contact with breast milk and they were destroyed.

Everything was a lucky accident

I call this complex HAMLET (human alpha lactalbumin lethal for tumor cells), which induces the death of tumor cells, respecting healthy cells. So in addition to benefiting the growth and development of the baby, it also has an important potential in the prevention of different types of cancer.

In addition, it helps the mother to prevent and reduce breast cancer by up to 30%; as well as colon and bladder cancers. In fact, the latter has been the one that has shown the greatest advances: the trials carried out with patients with bladder cancer have shown a significant reduction of tumors in very short times.

The elimination of cancer cells is fast

After replacing current drug treatments with the components of human milk, the elimination of cancer cells through urine could be observed in five days. In addition, there have been changes in the size and appearance of tumors, so we have sought to continue with the research.

Within the laboratory, HAMLET has proven to be effective against 40 different types of cancer, so the researchers are motivated and plan to study the effect of the compound on skin cancer, mucous membrane tumors and brain tumors.

The development of the study has been slow

Although at the beginning there were no adequate resources, over the years, large multinationals began to invest in research.

Drinking the liquid directly does not help in itself for the elimination of cancer, since HAMLET is a substance that is achieved by modifying in the laboratory the alfalactoalb├║mina of the milk. Without this modification, the killing effect of the cancer cells is not carried out.

A process in milk is needed

Actually, consuming breast milk may help, there may even be a change in the health of a patient with cancer, but the probability of eliminating the tumor is nil.

Just wait until the studies continue with greater success and can find the cure for this terrible disease; we do not lose hope that the real cure will come quickly.

Study Aims to Help Breast Cancer Patients Emotionally Recover (September 2020)