Brazilian twins turned 100 and celebrated with the best photoshoot


Having a sister goes beyond just being a family, she becomes your best friend, they share experiences, talks and adventures, although sometimes they end up arguing for little things without reason. Now imagine living these experiences for 100 years as the twins Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi and Maria Pignaton Pontini.

The sisters were born in Ibiracu, Brazil on May 24, 1917, this year they celebrate their hundred lives, in a very original way. Their vitality and energy amaze the family because they still carry out activities on their own. The news spread in Brazil and its history came out in TV Gazeta, at that time the photographer Camila Lima could see them through the screen and look for the way to meet with both to make a photo session that has enamored the entire Internet.

María and Paulina, they could not stop immortalizing this moment

For turning 100 years old is easy, but it is not

Surely they have shared more than 100 adventures

They supported each other when they broke their hearts

They have had discussions

But none as strong as the love they have

His photographs confirm that complicity

They were taken in Vitória, Brazil

The session was inspired by the smash cake

Both let their inner child out

And they never separated

They wore their best makeup, dress and hairstyle

Crowns of flowers, tutus and colored balloons, gave life to its landscape

Its vitality has attracted the attention of all

They are the second oldest twins in Brazil

But the most energetic and beautiful in the world

And with all security they affirm that they want to live 100 years more

When These Brazilian Twins Reached 100 Years Old, They Celebrated With A Truly Phenomenal Photoshoot (September 2020)