Boys! 10 Signs that will let you know if you are dating a woman, not a girl

Apparently, there are more immature women in the market than those who have stopped thinking as girls in relation to a relationship. Mature women and girls think and live differently, as they interact with the world from another perspective. The former focus on realizing their goals and achievements, as well as being independent, while the latter expect other people to solve all kinds of issues; they feel vulnerable most of the time and constantly seek the attention a man can give them.

Of course, women face the same dynamic when it comes to mature men or children looking for someone to continue playing for them the role of mom. Even if you think they go unnoticed, these signs tell you if you are in front of a woman or a girl.

1. Women know that they can look attractive in any outfit. A girl wears revealing clothes to try to be sexy.

Women who have matured understand that they do not have to be so provocative to get a man's attention. They are sure of themselves and know that clothes are not what makes them attractive or not.

2. Women are able to express their feelings. A girl expects her partner to guess how he feels.

Girls believe that men can know what they think, how they feel and what they are trying to say; On the other hand, a mature woman can talk about the way she feels and if something she does not like in her relationship, clarify it.

Unfortunately, men can not read minds, they have not been born with that fabulous gift, so they will still feel frustrated trying to decipher what a girl thinks and instead, they will appreciate a woman expressing herself directly.

3. Women are economically independent. Girls expect men to always pay the bills

Girls like to be cared for and pampered because they have not matured, whatever the reason; they will constantly look for men to indulge their whims. On the other hand, a woman is allowed to pay her account (or both) from time to time, which reminds the man that he is not with him only for his money, but because he treats her well and respects her.

4. Women can drink alcohol and know their limits. The girls drink until they get drunk.

Identifying a girl in a bar is very simple: usually expect to get free drinks through provocative approaches; after having drunk a lot they can end up on a table dancing and drinking until they are practically unconscious. A woman does not do that: she drinks only what she considers fair because she does not seek to lose control.

5. Girls can not wait to update their Facebook status to a relationship. Women can forget about their Facebook account.

Women are so busy with their obligations that they do not bother updating their Facebook status and will not rush to let the world know they have a new relationship. Maybe they'll do it when they have a little time.

6. Women read. Girls watch junk programs on television.

Women also watch good television shows (it's one of their few guilty pleasures), but most of their free time is spent reading interesting magazines and good books.

Instead, girls are filled with meaningless content, such as gossip programs and reality shows, just to have in what to occupy his time.

7. Women know how to have an interesting conversation. Girls constantly talk about trivial matters.

Most girls are terrible to have a conversation that shows their intellectual interests or hobbies, so a conversation with them becomes boring. Your opinions are likely to focus on what other people have talked about or your group of friends.

Women, on the other hand, can be fascinating if they are passionate about a topic.

8. Girls eat salads. Women eat what they want

In general, girls ask for a salad when they eat, only to show that they are healthy (although when they get home they eat an ice cream can because they die of hunger).

On the other hand, women, if they wish, will eat whatever they want, without any problem. This does not mean that they never eat salads: they do it because they respect their bodies and eat healthily, not so that other people know that they are eating healthy.

9. Women seek new challenges and expand their knowledge. Girls stick to what they already know and do not look for more

For a woman it is important to learn new things and then put them into practice in her daily life. He does his best to meet new people and discover new skills that can work in his life, they are passionate and dedicated to what they like to do.

Girls are not completely sure about what they want, the purposes are not part of their lives and they are waiting for what a man can do for them or want to not have to make more efforts and decide.

10. Girls need a tutor to guide them. Women can do things by themselves.

There is nothing better than a woman who can take care of herself and is capable of solving problems on her own. Not to please a man but because he knows what is best for her. That's why they are strong, secure and independent.

Girls need men to survive: is this what you like about them?

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