Boy breaks his piggy banks and with all his savings he buys a ring for his mother


Our moms have taken care of us throughout our lives to ensure that nothing lacks: food, health, studies, a roof and, above all, love. So it is fair to pamper them and give them back a little bit of everything they have given us.

Guo Yifan, a nine-year-old boy from Anhui province in China, had a surprise for his mother for Mother's Day. He took his two piggy banks with all his savings and took the woman to a jewelry store to buy her a ring and thank her for everything she does for him.

Once she chose the jewel that she liked the most, the boy took out the two piggy banks from his backpack, placed them on the ground and, with a bicycle lock, broke them. From them sprouted so many coins that, in addition to the ring, Guo was able to buy a necklace for his grandmother.

Saved your allowance for more than two years

My mom works hard and does not have beautiful jewelry. For some time I've thought about giving her a ring.

To surprise his progenitor, Guo not only saved his tables for more than two years but he kept his plans secret for all that time, sealing his lips like a grave. That is to have willpower and a lot of love for your mom!

SML Movie: Jeffy's Piggy Bank! (April 2021)