Biting your nails could be a characteristic of perfectionists


According to a new study from the University of Montreal, Canada, which deals with repetitive behaviors focused on the body, actions such as biting the nails, cutting the skin or pulling the eyelashes could be characteristics of people who tend to be impatient, get bored or frustrated easily

Kieron OConnor, professor of Psychiatry at the institution and head of the study, believes that individuals with this type of behavior can be perfectionists, which means that they can not relax and perform tasks a rhythm. normal.

The study included 24 people with a tendency to repetitive behavior centered on the body and 23 more without such habit; The first ones reported their need to practice one of the behaviors indicated in the boredom / frustration conditions to which they were subjected.

Likewise, they presented significantly higher scores in the non-adaptive planning style, directly related to the regulation of emotions.

The advisable thing is to look for another way to release that repressed energy and, above all, to be tolerant in situations that can not be controlled.

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