Becca Longo could be the first woman to play for the NFL; you have to see her kicking the ball

If you listen: 1.80 centimeters in height, 63 kilos, blond hair at mid-back, penetrating gaze and hips of heart attack, probably the last thing that comes to your mind is a football player, right? However, we have news for you, Becca Longo obtained a grant to play college football in the United States and maybe, could become the first woman to play in the NFL.

Longo seeks to transcend to one day play in a professional team. This young student who will play for Adams State University of Colorado is giving us a lesson in female empowerment that we all need to follow.

Meet the girl with the steel leg

Two months ago, Longo received a soccer scholarship to play at Adams State in Colorado. However, she is not the first woman to play college football, in the '90s, Liz Heaston played for Willamette University. But apparently, Longo has more talent, with his foot can kick more than 50 yards, when the regular is 45 yards.

Tim Rosenbach, exquarterback of the NFL and coach Adams said to Bleacher Report:

If you have determination, anyone can play soccer, regardless of their gender. Longo has great precision and a powerful kick that makes her a strong athlete.

Becca has always been an athlete

He started playing football at nine years of age, but he also became a basketball star during high school. Now, in the suffocating heat of her personal trainer Alex Zendejas' gym, Becca prepares to become the best kicker in American football.

During the trainings, Longo wears a light shirt, but in the university he will have to wear a protective gear and kick hard, that's why he practices how to kick different types of balls, besides doing exercises that make him more resistant. Your coach says:

It is rare for a kicker to adjust quickly to the exercises, but it only took a week, that only shows that Becca is different, very different.

Longo could become the first player in the NFL

Due to the hard contact, Longo plays the kicker position to stay out of the way of the offensive line. And despite what some might think, Zendejas says that being a kicker is like any other position in football, since it requires work and a huge amount of practice.

Becca's position requires great responsibility, as she is in charge of kicking field goals, making extra points and kicking off.

If Becca does a great job in the university championships, she could be signed by an NFL team and become the first woman to play a male-dominated sport.

What if soccer does not work?

Although her dream is to belong to an NFL team, Becca has a plan B in case it does not work: she will try to try her luck in the WNBA, the women's basketball league in the country, since she also plays with the basketball team of the Adams University.

Becca Longo Could Be the FIRST Woman Ever to Play in the NFL (January 2021)