Be careful with stress! You could infect your dog


If you are a person who stresses very easily stop there! and think twice, because if you have a dog, you are susceptible to being infected with this disease.

A study conducted by Lina Roth, from Linköping University in Sweden, states that two different species that coexist daily can synchronize hormonally and emotionally in the long term, which proves that canines that have owners who live with constant stress also develop it.

Roth and his colleagues measured the concentration of stress hormone (cortisol) in 58 dogs and their owners for a year, detecting that when it was elevated in humans, it was the same in dogs, mainly in females.

This result was shared by Nebraska Animal behavior director Humane Society in Omaha, Alicia Buttner, who said:

New evidence continually appears that shows that people and their dogs have incredibly close ties that resemble those that parents share with their children.

When talking about stress shared between dogs and their owners, it is necessary to announce that these animals can present it in two categories:

  • Positive: when the dog meets someone he does not know or with a factor he fears.
  • Negative: the dog flees or has negative reactions such as biting, growling or barking.

What experts recommend to prevent the man's best friend from living stressed is to spend quality time with them: going for a walk or playing with the ball at home; do not force him to live with other animals if he does not want it and, in case the subject is complicated, go immediately to the veterinarian.

That is why a relaxed human is the cause of a body and a dog also relaxed.