Bars use fake drinks to help women in danger


Maybe not all, but there are many women who have been in search of the perfect man, either in appointments made by our friends or even in the famous applications such as Tinder.

We do not always know how our teammates will be, if they will be our better half or if we better put a restraining order.

Fortunately, now there are bars that protect us from men who bother us or put us in danger. As we know, cases of violence against women are added every day. For these some establishments started a fight to avoid more cases like this.

In any case, you can use the help, imagine that you have a girl's night, you are alone enjoying with your friends, dancing and a guy comes to call your attention abruptly, which obviously makes you feel uncomfortable or even in risk. This code will help you.

This is how the code works

One of the examples is South African Hooters. They have put a sign in the women's bathroom, which explains step by step what a woman should do in a situation of risk. It is not difficult to decipher it because all you have to do is ask for an angel shot; automatically the bartender You will understand that it should help you.

But there are more specifications within the code, because if you order the simple drink it means that you need to be accompanied to your car; with ice, you ask for a taxi to pick you up; And finally, if you ask for it with lemon it is a sign that you need me to call the police.

The concept started in Florida and has already generated some strength, because there are also other establishments in Mexico that have created similar concepts, calling the double target drink.

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