Barbie turns 60 and launches a new line called Role Models; a Mexican doll is the protagonist


The most famous doll in the world is on birthday! It's been 60 years since Barbie appeared to brighten the lives of millions of girls around the world and since then she has become an example to follow because she has different roles, from doctor to teacher and, incredible as it may seem, to mom .

To commemorate this important anniversary, Mattel recognized 19 women from 18 countries who inspired the personalities of the line Role Models, which represent real women and with important positions in the world, among them the Mexican Karla Wheelock, a mountaineer and lecturer.

Barbie is incorporating more types of women to her dolls

In 2018 he launched his line fashionistas, which included dolls with different physiognomies between high, curvy, petit next to those that were part of the collection. Alejandro Gómez, director of Maketing, said:

The goal is for the message and the vision to be that the girls are what they want to be, that there is inclusion and diversity.

Mattel just wants girls to have more vision about women

For Mattel it is important that the girls know the stories of women who are breaking stereotypes and who walk on fire.

Mattel is actively working on projects for girls' education. The Barbie brand is very active in the study of the so-called Dream Gap, which refers to the limitations that girls face and makes them lose confidence between 5 and 7 years.

On the 60th anniversary a Mexican will be the protagonist

To commemorate the 60th anniversary, Mattel's intention is to show girls around the world that they are capable of achieving everything they set out to do.

There are inspiring examples, these women show that it is possible to overcome adversity and overcome fears.

The collection includes Karla Wheelock, the first Ibero-American woman to climb the seven highest peaks in the world, as well as being a recognized author and lecturer.

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