Barbie launches doll inspired by Wonder Woman; and it's almost as epic as the movie


The premiere in Latin America of Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkis, has been a success thanks to the good reviews received by the film starring the actress Gal Gadot, and even, it is considered the best film in the universe of DC Comics that produces the Warner Bros.

To celebrate the success of the superheroine, the toy company, Mattel, beside Barbie, they launched a doll inspired by the warrior of mythological origin and it is identical to the real Wonder Woman! Know her

An incredible doll to celebrate an epic movie

The movie of Wonder Woman it's entertaining, different, and as many have qualified it, it's epic! So your doll Barbie could not be the exception, the toy has the costume identical to the superhero in the film: the famous truth tie, shield, crown, cape and bulletproof armbands.

Let's take a second to admire those boots!

Wonder Woman does not come alone, her collection includes two more Amazons, who will also help defeat evil: Queen Hippolyta, with a cloak worthy of mythological royalty, and Antiope, with her shield and bow.

Each of the dolls has a cost around 45 dollars and they seem to be worth every penny, because the details of these Barbies They are perfect, which makes them objects of desire for a collector.

If you loved it Wonder Woman Now you can have a replica inspired by the character played by the 32-year-old Israeli actress, Gal Gadot. And if you have not seen the movie, leave everything at this moment and run to the nearest cinema, because this will be the superhero film that every girl needs to see.

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