Bandai announces the return of Tamagotchi, the virtual mascot of the nineties


It's been 23 years since the birth of Tamagotchi, the little virtual pet that was quite a hit among the children who grew up in the nineties, and although there were already several attempts to resuscitate it, Bandai finally announced his great return, and this time all color

The new model is based on the old one, but has been modernized to adapt to these technological times. Before the game was about feeding, bathing and playing with the pet, but now, in addition to having a color screen and a mobile application, the tamagotchis They can also get married and procreate thanks to their bluetooth connection that will allow users to interact with each other.

It is worth mentioning that the new technology of the toy allows adults to interact with people around the world, while children can only talk to people they know to ensure their safety.

Its launch is scheduled for July 28 and will cost approximately $ 60.

Digimon Digital Monster X News Translation - CWK (April 2021)