Baby doll, the therapy that would help Alzheimer's patients


Alzheimer's disease is a disease that ends little by little with the memories of a person, to the point that he does not recognize the beings that surround him and he forgets something that can be as basic and daily as tying the laces. The Institution of Private Assistance (IAP) Alzheimer Mexico, indicates that in this country, 800 thousand people have some type of dementia, including this condition.

This disease begins slowly and affects the parts of the brain that control thought, memory and language. The person starts having difficulty remembering things or the names of those who live with her.

Over time everything gets worse in speech, reading and writing, and the person even forgets how to brush their teeth.

Currently, countries such as Spain are implementing a pilot project that could be a precursor to help those with this condition.

These are therapeutic dolls known as babies reborn, which are used in the residence of the elderly of San Juan de Dios in Granada for Alzheimer's patients who have periods of anguish, agitation, anxiety or depression. These therapeutic dolls help to transmit tranquility and positive feelings according to what has been seen by the staff of the mentioned center.

A particular case that is stealing looks, is Vicente's. A 90-year-old man who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease since 12 and who therefore lives in Los Llanos Vital, a residence located in Madrid where cases of patients who are faced with this neurodegenerative condition are treated.

Vicente reflects through a smile the joy he feels at the moment he sees his doll with which he has created a very special bond, although it is important to point out that not all the families of those who are interns in Los Llanos Vital agree with this , because they believe that adults are infantilized.

In Spain, between 800 thousand and one million 200 thousand people suffer from some dementia. According to the State Reference Center of Care for people with Alzheimer's and other Dementias, they are trying to prove scientifically that this type of therapy works, since there are 75 patients who have shown improvements and without using any medication.

In the case of Mexico, the IAP Alzheimer states that by 2050, the number of cases of this disease will rise to more than 3 million.

Two women give Alzheimer's patients baby dolls to comfort them (April 2021)