Attention girls of the 90: Polly Pocket returns and inspires a bag that surely you will want to have


The decade of the 90s was epic for girls, sailor Moon Y candy Candy, they took over your childhood and apparently also your adulthood, as more and more accessories, clothing and makeup are inspired by those cartoons.

The bag industry has not been left behind and therefore has a new release thanks to Truffle Shuffle, a British website, with which you will remember the sweet little girl Polly Pocket in a more sophisticated way.

Another blow to nostalgia

Most of the girls of the nineties grew up with one of these little playmates.

They were careful not to miss the tiny pieces of their various worlds, since they fit in the palm of their hand.

Again you can take it with you

If you still miss your little companion, it's time to relive the old time and take it with you. Truffle Shuffle will release an edition of handbags inspired by this doll.

It will be the most awaited accessory of the year

The new bag has a heart shape and is pink. On the cover has gold letters with the distinctive logo of Polly and a chain strap.

It seems he has new adventures

The inside of the bag has a print of Polly next to her prince charming.

Girls ready to buy in 3 2 1

There is no doubt that just seeing it causes you nostalgia. Now you can buy it from June 8 for $ 49, so that you also look like a girl Pocket.

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